Wooden Cyclops Hug Me Glow Blacklight tee

This creature just wants to hug you too oblivion! It's pretty hard to say no when a Hugger turns on the bright colors and glows but don't get fooled by that strobing love, it'll be the worst trip your mind can imagine!!

Hand printed in waterbase blackligjt reactive glow ink (I never use direct or digital printing as it's not as bright, not as durable and just doesnt feel as nice). 

Printed on Canvas brand 100% cotton sweatshop free super soft ring spun tees 


Wooden Cyclops is a spectacularly talented artist from Portland, Oregon. If ever my day seems blah I head to his instagram feed to watch an episode of Drawing with Wes ok!, nothing put me on track like thems sweet videos!!! Please follow Wooden Cyclops on instagram 

Wooden Cyclops Hug Me Glow Blacklight tee

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