This is an insane bag kit!! Mass blacklight action, bonus zines and patches with Neon Lords playable charatcers from Barely Human and Ghost Bat!

Dice bag kit consists of a handprinted in blacklight reactive waterbase ink, sewn in our little studio here at Campcorndog. Double port with a double wound close allows a tight cinch with enough pull to wrap around bag closer. Bag is cylider shape, appox. 6.5" tall with 5" wide opening. This is a short run item with only 100 made and will not be reprinted.

Each kit includes:

1 Handmade, hand printed bag

Your choice of any BLKRNBW Glow adventure set of glow dice (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 2d10%, 1d12 and 1d20)

1 BLKRNBW patch (heat or sew application)

2 BLKRNBW reflective stickers, one small with your dice and large in your bag

1 Neon Lords iron on patch

1 Fartholamew (from the Repugnant RPG) iron on patch

1 Mini zine that makes John Black aka @barelyhumanart charactrers, Ape Warlord and Radical Beholder playable within the Neon Lords system

1 Mini zine that makes @ghostbat character Fartholamew playable within Neon Lords

Neon Lords: Dice Bag kit