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Our first 3d tee! Comes with a pair of anaglyph 3d glasses too!

Meet the Cosmic Horror! Space Beast! Once El Binko's master now nemisis? 

Classic baseball tee, cream body with black sleeve. 


El Binko is a good old friend and super talent. We go to lots of wrestling shows together and cause all variety of hell. El Binko and Space Beast will be fully playable wreslting based characters in the not too distant future, we have two dice bags planned with El Binko both of which will come with a comic. You can find more of El Binko's work on instagram


EL Binko: Space Beast 3d Glow baseball tees

  • We will no longer cover the cost of an auto fill or what ever other reasons for an incorrect address. Please Please Please actually look at the address your items are being sent to. 

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