Handprinted in blacklight reactive ink waterbase ink and sewn in our little studio here at Campcorndog.

Single port with a double wound close allows a tight cinch with enough pull to wrap around bag closer.

Bag is cylider shape, appox. 6.5" tall with 5" wide opening.

This is a short run item of 100 pieces that will not be reprinted.

Each kit includes:

1 Handmade, hand printed bag

1 Set of Rainbow Adventurer rainbow, glow in the dark adventure set of dice (1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 2d10%, 1d12 and 1d20)

1 Rainbow Adventure patch (heat or sew application)

2 Rainbow Adventurer stickers, a small one with your dice and a large one in your new bag


I've been a fan of Bwana for many years, I'd be hard pressed to name another as kind, accepting and gentle as this dude. His work makes me smile for days and he works so hard and so much, one of the most porlific artists I've worked with to date. Words escape, when trying to convey how happy his art makes me, the worlds he's taken me to, filled with the sweetest personalities!  You're just gonna have to check out for yourself, find Bwana's amazing work at gravytoys.com and follow him on instagram @bananapoons

Bwana Spoons Rainbow Adventurer dice bag kit

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