Boss Dog: Dice bag kit


Handprinted in blacklight reactive and glow waterbase ink, sewn in our little studio here at Campcorndog.

Single port with a double wound close allows a tight cinch with enough pull to wrap around bag closer.

Bag is cylider shape, appox. 6.5" tall with 5" wide opening.  

This is a short run item with only 100 made and will not be reprinted 

Each kit includes:

1 Handmade, hand printed bag 

1 Your choice of any BLKRNBW Glow adventurer dice set

1 BLKRNBW patch  (heat or sew application)

2 BLKRNBW reflective stickers, one small with your dice and large in your bag


Boss Dog is a super kind and talented artist, he and his super kind wife run Boss Dog Art Department with ther two radical K9 pals out somewhere in the southern desert. I met Boss Dog years back when I was doing some work for Sizzle Pie, in the time since he has blown the fart up! Big or little, the BD Art Dept. are still the exact same sweet, hard working radical folks I had the great luck to work for and friend years back. Please check them out, follow them and buy from them at and at instagram @bosssdog

Boss Dog: Dice bag kit

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