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Our bags are made from light weight cotton twill with a black gloss liner that feels soft and luxurious when grabbing your dice. Bags are cylinder in shape, appro. 6.5" tall with a 5" opening. 

All bags include  

1 BLKRNBW iron-on patch 

1 BLKRNBW sticker


Make it full kit for $6 more and add rainbow or color glow dice


Betty Turbo is a stellar artist, she's an amazing illustrator with hand typography skills that will twist the head right off your neck while your eyes are still locked on her work. Betty is an unshakable voice of positivity in a world too frequently not as kind as we would like, please support her at and on instagram @bettyturbo

Betty Turbo: Dice bag kit

  • We will no longer cover the cost of an auto fill or what ever other reasons for an incorrect address. Please Please Please actually look at the address your items are being sent to.

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