Handprinted in blacklight reactive and glow waterbase ink, sewn in our little studio here at Campcorndog.

Double port with a double wound close allows a tight cinch with enough pull to wrap around bag closer.

Bag is cylider shape, appox. 6.5" tall with 5" wide opening.  

This is a short run item with only 100 made and will not be reprinted 

Each kit includes:

- 1 Handmade, hand printed bag - Blacklight Reactive and Glow 

- 1 Your choice of any BLKRNBW Glow Dice 

- 1 BLKRNBW patch  (heat or sew application)

- 2 BLKRNBW reflective stickers, one small with your dice and large in your bag

- 1 Neon Lords patch (heat or sew application)

- 1  Zine that makes Ape Warlord and Radical Beholder playable in the Neon Lords system


John Black is one of the kindest, radest folks on this weird green ball, find more of his amazing work at Barelyhumanart.com and on instagram.

Barely Human: Dice Bag kit